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We are now using NetworkedBlogs!

This allows us to feed the blog even more! New posts will be added to our Facebook page and everyone will be able to follow more tips and tricks for better photographs, solving photography myths, and check out what we are up to. We will be updating our blog with new stuff soon! As always, […]

Wide open spaces

Spring is definitely here and this makes me think of all the places I want to visit again.

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Here’s The Full Video Of Our Time At Katerina’s!

The video is in HD so please be a little patient with the download. You may want to pause the video and let it download then play it. This entire movie was made using photographs, so the parts that look like the video is “jumpy” are fine. Imagine how long it takes to put a […]

A Very Sad Time

The great people of Poland have suffered a terrible loss. Chicago has the 2nd largest Polish population; second only to Warsaw itself. With over 1 million Poles in Chicago alone, it is likely you know one of them. I don’t try to imagine what they are going through, no, that’s impossible. Give them respect and […]

Quick Tip – How To Make Photo’s Of Your Kids Better

Many people ask how they can take better photos of their kids. A quick way you can improve your photos is to get down to their level. How often are you towering above them snapping away? Get down on your hands and knees and take the photo looking at their eye level. Here is a […]

Thinking Of Warmer Days

The great weather outside has me thinking of warm days and warmer places! To give you an idea of what I mean, here are some photos to help you fell what I am feeling.


An Evening At Cafe Ballou

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