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Rocco DeLuca is Simply Amazing

So who is Rocco DeLuca?  The better question is what makes this guy do the amazing things he does with a guitar?  Where does  inspiration come from, inside oneself, life experiences, others’ tragedies?  I can only assume it is a combination of all of the above…plus more.  In-any-case, there  is something special about Rocco’s inspiration.  I was able to photograph Rocco twice and both were amazing, the Riviera Theater and Ravinia.

My favorite was at the Riviera Theater in Chicago.  I have said this to many and I am proud to say it again.  I have been to more concerts than I can remember, yet I experienced something that caught me off guard at his Riviera show.  Two firsts actually.  Rocco belted out this song and everyone, I mean everyone stopped what they were doing and all focus was directed towards this sound no one could believe was coming from this rather skinny guy.  For a good 30 seconds (that is an eternity) I didn’t think about photography, what shot to take, or that I even had cameras with me. 

Rocco DeLuca

There were a few pauses in the lyrics and you could hear a pin drop when they hit.  No one, I mean no one, in the room had a detracted attention.  It is truly a pleasure to listen to such a talented performer and I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do.  Also, I strongly suggest you get some of his music.  My favorite songs are Swing Low, I Trust You To Kill Me, and How Many Times.  I could be wrong, but I believe it was How Many Times Rocco sang that captivated the crowd.  I am not sure because I was not as familiar with his music until after the show.  You can bet I needed to know who the hell this guy was!  Of course there is always Colorful as a sure bet.

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