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Rodrigo y Gabriela 10-16-2009 Riviera Night Club

Couldn’t be in the front row?  Well, we are here to give you the best concert experience possible, even if you weren’t at the concert!  It helps that we are a premier event photography studio and have years of experience bringing the best photos to life!  Yes, I will mention that this show was amazing (because it was!) but something was in store for folks that night.  Rod and Gab had a visitor.  None other than Robert Trujillo of Metallica! 

While this event happen awhile back, it seems fitting to post since we just shot them in concert recently.  I (Nick) was alone for this shoot and had a shattered clavicle from a car accident.  Nothing will stop me from photography!!!  I had my gear hanging on me including a camera on each shoulder.  I was hurting but man it was a great show!  If you haven’t noticed, I like this group a whole lot.  I have shot many concerts in the past, however, I will begin to display those who I particularly enjoy on the blog.  There will be a video coming soon, so be on the lookout!

Just click on the “Continue Reading Rodrigo y Gabriela 10-16-2009 Riviera Night Club” link below.  All the images in the set will be displayed as thumbnails.  Click on a thumbnail to view the gallery and click on the image to close the gallery.  Use the arrows below the image to navigate.  Enjoy!

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